All the activities (except for the Theater Show) take place at the Abasto Hotel.
Commuting through Buenos Aires can be equivalent to doing so in NYC. Traffic is terrible and it takes a long time to travel short distances within the city.
That’s why we recommend staying where the action happens. We even move to the hotel ourselves for that week!
You can book your room with us at discounted prices and enjoy the benefits of taking a shower in between classes or a quick nap right before the Costumes party.
Take advantage of our exclusive hotel deals before they sell out!

  • All room rates are for single or double occupancy.
  • Nights sold individually.
    For CITA week, buy 7 nights. For Road to Tango + CITA week, buy 8 nights. Or buy as many extra nights as you need. 🙂
  • Continental breakfast is included.
  • All hotel bookings are non-refundable.