You love it and you want to register to the event? Here’s how!

1 - Get your Admission Pack

Purchase your Admission Pack. It's a simple process: just add the product/s to your cart and proceed to checkout.


1 - Do you have CITA credit?

You can use your CITA credit (CITA 2020’s registration) to join the event.
If you don’t recall your order #, just email us at [email protected]
You can also gift or transfer your CITA credit before registering to the event. However, once registration is effective, it can’t be transferred.

2 - Check out the Classes Program - Controle el Programa de Clases

The classes program is ready! Check it out and make your selection. ;)

El programa de las clases está listo! Hacé click en el link y seleccioná las tuyas.

3 - Fill out the Class Selection Form - Completá el Formulario de Inscripción a las Clases

Send your Classes' Selection here.
Please complete all the information required and send it through. Remember to provide your order number/s so we can match your registration with your payment/s.
Your Classes' selection won't be processed until your Admission Pack's payment is received. Your registration won't be completed until you finalize both the AP payment and the Classes' selection.


Enviá tu selección de clases acá.
Completá toda la información requerida y enviá el formulario. Recordá proporcionar tu número de orden. Si no tenés uno, identificá el grupo al que pertenecés.

The fields that have a * are required fields and must be filled up for your form to go through.

Los campos identificados con un * son requeridos y deben ser completados para que el formulario se envíe.

References: (A) Advanced, (I) Intermediate, (T) Technique, (AL) All Levels.
Referencias: (A) Avanzados, (I) Intermedios, (T) Técnica, (AL) Todos los niveles.

4 - Chill out

Please wait to receive a confirmation from our Staff. Whenever your classes are confirmed by our crew, your registration process is finished and you can start the countdown for the event. We thank you in advance for joining the party! ;)

Esperá a recibir la confirmación de nuestra parte. Una vez confirmadas las clases, podés comenzar la cuenta regresiva para disfrutar de este mega evento. Te agradecemos de antemano haberte sumado a la fiesta! ;)