We offer three types of discounts:

  • Previous Members – for those who’ve participated of CITA before (also known as PREM)
  • Group Members – for those who belong to a group
  • Cosmotango Club Members – for those who belong to the Cosmotango Club

And we have an Early Bird registration price as well. The Admission Pack price changes on December 15th.

CITA PREM are entitled to 10% OFF and Group members get special discounts and benefits.

Cosmotango Club members, on another note, only pay $350 or $300 if they are also PREM.
Cosmotango Club members are entitled to all group benefits (if belonging to a group); except for the discounts, since the registration already has a huge discount.

Sometimes we have special offers, like a free masterclass. This offers can be combined with any discount, unless specified otherwise.

Free Masterclass

For the first 50 tangueros to register to CITA 2020! Choose between classes 1650 & 1950.
Have you register already? Don't worry, you're among the entitled ones to the free masterclass ;)

Get your CITA Pack through Cosmotango

If you decide to register through Cosmotango, you could save up to 70%.
You'd have to add both the Club membership and your CITA AP to your cart and proceed to Chekout. CITA AP price will automatically be updated to $350 / $300 for PREM when you add your Club membership to your cart.