The best Argentine Tango event in the world!

Why joining CITA? First of all, it is the oldest and longest running tango event in the world. So, we have experience: and a very good one. Also because C.I.T.A has changed the way Argentine Tango Festivals are organized all over the world to the extent that almost every festivals today is using our exact same model. Furthermore, C.I.T.A is so relevant that all of the other festivals organized in Argentina, put together and multiply by ten, don’t match up our numbers: we have more classes, more orchestras, more participants, more shows and far more teachers to learn from and enjoy. So that means more fun to you. Then, to top it all everything happens in Buenos Aires, the tango capital of the world. So come and find out why everybody says that C.I.T.A is just simply the best!


CITA 2020


The Awards

While having dinner at her home, Lola Diaz (Tangopal & CITA co-director) had a striking idea: a ceremony where the work, effort and dedication in tango could be rewarded by peers. As a result, a few days later the awards Premios Tango were born. Certainly, she needed to spread the word, so in a 2 weeks period more than a hundred invitees from almost every branch in tango’s creative industry heard a proposal to be part of the board of jurors. Articles of incorporation were soon presented and everybody was ready to go. Doesn’t it seem like a great idea?


Precious Friendship

A fun and also innovative event concept where world – renowned top tango masters team up with Fabián Salas & Lola Díaz  to provide extraordinary instruction both separately and together. A one of a kind precious friendship that revolutionized the tango world since day one.
Taking place in the wonderful sunshine state of Florida (USA) but most noteworthy, with you in mind, it is the perfect combination between learning, practicing and having fun.




The Seminars

We’ve come up with the idea of doing an Interactive Tango Seminar that we want to call “From the classroom to the dance-floor”.
The seminar will cover several elements: Sacadas, Boleos, Ganchos, Barridas, Out of Axis moves, etc. However, we won’t be taking care of just the technique aspects and combining the steps. We’ll also put them together in short sequences “prêt à porter” (“ready to wear”) on the dance floor.
You’ll be given time and space to try the steps “dancing” (meaning not just practicing) with everyone in the seminar. And we’ll also organize the night trips to the local Milongas, where you’ll be able to “test-drive” what you’ve learned with the other seminar participants as well as ourselves. We’ll work alongside with you to take your tango to the next level.
The seminar’s main goal is to help you have a better understanding of how you can use the material in the future in a real social-dance environment. We hope you like the initiative. 🙂


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The Best and longest running tango event in the world!


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A fun an innovative event concept taking place in the wonderful sunshine state of Florida (USA).


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Lola is a sweetheart

You'll fall in love with her smile. Her patience and extensive understanding of the dance will make your tango experience a wonderful one.

Fabian Rocks

He's an international renowned tango dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer, with over 30 years of experience in the field. He's been awarded Outstanding Personality of Culture, due to his distinctive approach to the dance.

Together they make a great couple

Their chemistry and knowledge will make your tango journey both interesting and fun. You'll learn to dance fast while enjoying the ride.