While having dinner at her home, Lola Diaz (Tangopal & CITA co-director) had a striking idea: a ceremony where the work, effort and dedication in tango could be rewarded by peers. As a result, a few days later the awards PremiosTango were born. Certainly, she needed to spread the word, so after two months of hard work, more than a hundred invitees from almost every branch in tango’s creative industry heard a proposal to be part of the board of jurors. Articles of incorporation were soon presented and everybody was ready to go. Doesn’t it seem like a great idea?


We do not think of the awards as a competition. And, above all, they are no joke.
No one has to register to participate; we are all participating while we are working in tango.
PremiosTango do not want to reward a stranger, neither somebody's overall life experience or choose the best dancer in history.
We intend to recognize the merit during the period of one year, in this case, 2017.


Shall be given annually to honor outstanding artistic achievements and other merits in the world of tango.
To be conferred only at an annual PremiosTango ceremony.


18 preliminary categories will be presented.

Premios Tango brindis


“Maybe we don’t know each other much, but surely you know my husband. For a long time, in different ways, he, Fabián Salas, tried to give recognition and pay homage to many colleagues. I've always found these acts something wonderful and one day I thought, why not do the same formally? And just like that, the Premios Tango were born.”

Best Photographer

Best Attire

Best Shoes

Best Show / Spectacle

Best Orchestra

Best DJ

Best Milonga / Práctica

Best School / Academy

Best Organizer

Best Festival

Best Choreography

Best Improvisation

Revelation of the Year

Master of the Year

Follower of the Year

Leader of the Year

Couple of the Year

Tango de Oro


We rely on them to set the Award’s strategic vision, and assure the fulfillment of its mission.
The panel consists of 100 juries in all, although not all jurors will judge all categories.
Each of the categories will be considered by 20 to 30 jurors.
We take pride on being as objective as possible. Therefore, each Jury will be assigned based on experience, travels and current activity in the category they’ll qualify.
Some of the juries might be nominees as well. There's no incompatibility.
The Board of Jurors members will remain anonymous and won't be disclosed.


The world-wide qualifying run begins January 1, 2017, and continues through midnight of December 31, 2017.
The Board of Jurors will present the nominees starting January 1 up to January 5, 2018. Not more than two nominations shall be made by each Jury for each award.
It's important to note that the nominees will be judged for their performance on 2017 only. Nobody will judge lifetime merits.
The final voting will take place between January 10 and January 15, 2018. Only three candidates will be presented as final nominees for each category. Those will attend the Premios Tango ceremony.
*Voting for nominations and awards shall be by secret ballot.


The first edition of Premios Tango will be held on March, 10th 2018 in Buenos Aires.
The ceremony will take part during a private dinner held at the Abasto Hotel. To be followed by an After Party Milonga open to the public.

Location: Abasto

Abasto Hotel Buenos Aires Av Corrientes 3190 CABA, Buenos Aires C1193


Most spots are reserved for the nominees and important personalities of the tango industry.
But it wouldn't be the same without you supporting us ;)
Reserve your spot!
$15 OFF for CITA 2018 participants (use code LOVECITA)

Premios Tango created and directed by Lola Díaz. Produced by Tangopal.

My gratitude and appreciation  to our #1 investor Fabián Salas. Special thanks to all my colleagues and Abasto Hotel for inspiring this idea.