A fun an innovative event concept where world - renowned top tango masters Chicho Frúmboli & Juana Sepúlveda and Fabián Salas & Lola Díaz provide extraordinary instruction both separately and together.
A one of a kind precious friendship that revolutionized the tango world since day one.
Taking place in the wonderful sunshine state of Florida (USA).


Chicho Frúmboli & Juana Sepúlveda

Mariano Frúmboli, also known as Chicho, has undoubtedly played a main role in the creative evolution of tango in the last 10 years. He is renowned worldwide for his personality, musicality and creativity. A true representative of the “New Generation,” Chicho brings all his talent and freshness to the dance. Chicho’s work has been one of the biggest gifts that an artist could have given to any art form: the continuous questioning, the research, the quest for originality, and full-hearted creativity.
Juana Sepúlveda, is one of the youngest-born stars in the tango sky, she spans the entire range of expression from an innovative subtlety to a stunning manifestation of power in every movement, always matched by her unswerving musicality and pure sensuality.

Fabián Salas & Lola Díaz

Fabián Salas is an international renowned tango dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer, with over 30 years of experience in the field. He’s been awarded Outstanding Personality of Culture, due to his distinctive approach to the dance. He teaches with love and talent, combined with a profound understanding of this intricate dance.
Lola Díaz is a sweetheart. You’ll fall in love with her smile. Her patience and extensive understanding of the dance will make your tango experience a truly wonderful one.
Together they make a great couple. Their chemistry and knowledge will make your tango journey both interesting and fun. You’ll learn to dance fast while enjoying the ride.


FRIDAY, 14th. July - Ballroom 66 (old Magic) – 10001 66th St. N Pinellas Park, FL 33782
6.00 pm to 7.15 pm: Class 1 – Embrace and Connection (Chicho & Juana)
7.30 pm to 8.45 pm: Class 2 – Nice traveling steps for the dance-floor (Chicho & Juana + Fabián & Lola)
9.00 pm: Milonga de los Viernes – Organized by Vicky & Fede (starting 9.00 pm at 5320 S MacDill Ave. Tampa, FL 33611)

SATURDAY, 15th. July - Magic Dance Club – 2100 E Bay Dr. Largo, FL 33771
2.00 pm to 3.15 pm: Class 3 – Milonga (Chicho & Juana)
3.30 pm to 4.45 pm: Class 4 – Vals combinations (Fabián & Lola)
5.00 pm to 6.15 pm: Class 5 – Interesting Sacadas (Chicho & Juana + Fabián & Lola)
9.00 pm: Gala Milonga with Masters Show at 11.00 pm

SUNDAY, 16th. July - Magic Dance Club – 2100 E Bay Dr. Largo, FL 33771
3.00 pm to 4.15 pm: Class 6 – Rhythmic combinations (Chicho & Juana)
4.30 pm to 6.00 pm: Class 7 – Dancing to Piazzolla (Fabián & Lola)
6.15 pm to 7.30 pm: Class 8 – Ganchos combinations (Chicho & Juana + Fabián & Lola)
7.45 pm: Práctica (until 9.00 pm)

Location Friday

Ballroom 66 (old Magic) 10001 66th St. N Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Location Saturday & Sunday

Magic Dance Club 2100 E Bay Dr. Largo, FL 33771


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED at this point. Don't panic! Some activities are still available, but you need to pay at the door. Thank you! ;)